“Be the change you want to see in the World"
Mahatma Gandhi

What We Do

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Our vision is to break the cycle of gender-based violence in impoverished nations, resulting in communities where women, children and young people are empowered to live free from the fear of assault and oppression.


Our Story

The Ruby Road Project was birthed during a trip to India in late 2011, when twin sisters Amy Kuruvilla and Lydia Muirhead met two young girls who had been sold into brothels as minors.



The Road to Respect Program is an initiative developed by Amy Kuruvilla. After being deeply impacted by the Delhi (Nirbhaya) rape case in 2012, she felt a burden to do something about it. Amy subsequently spent time researching the rape culture in India to gain a deeper understanding of the root causes.

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Statistics of Gender-Based Violence

Contribute on my charity work by your donation.
Crime against women increased by

15.3% in 2021

(compared to the year 2020)

* National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) data 2021

One woman is raped every

16 Minutes in India

* National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) data 2019

Every hour 1 woman dies because of dowry disputes

* National Crime Records Bureau

70% of women

who experience physical violence do not report it

*National Health Survey Report 2020

Approximately 67% of acid attack
cases reported globally are in India

* International Journal of Law Management & Humanities

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